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The story began in the children's room.

As a student I used speakers without casings that somebody had thrown away, along with a 1950s or 1960s travel turntable in the color light blue of my grandmother (that was not what I envisioned at the time). The cassette recorder I used was a Grundig CR 455 (did not eat any tapes and was a really great part).
During and after my apprenticeship as a television and radio electronics engineer until the age of about 22 years, I bought the following: Amplifier Luxman A-437 (bought from the junior boss), turntable Optonica RP-5100 (a customer did not want it anymore - tonearm always stuck and could never be repaired properly), cassette deck Sharp Optonica RT-5200 (a customer did not want it anymore - it hungry ate all the BASF tapes - never found out why - otherwise it was great gear and I used it a long time), tape deck Dual C844 (a hammer gear which I bought from the boss - however, it chirped in between on the right channel - with one hit on the poti the error could temporarily be fixed - despite many hours in the workshop soldering and replacing components, the real real fault could not be found - but it accompanied me the longest), CD player Denon DCD-1500 (I bought it new and it kept my loyalty for many years), computer Yamaha CX5M - MSX (with mini keyboard, was not worth the money), then until about age 22 my first synthesizer Roland Alpha Juno2 graced the room. Later came a Yamaha DX-7 followed by a Roland D50 which replaced the Alpha Juno2. Now there was nothing in the way of a band... Parallel to this was the time of Atari.
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Markus Stadelmann
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